Star Kids Initiative | Mother Teresa Academy – Past Project
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16 Mar Mother Teresa Academy – Past Project

Mother Teresa Academy is a privately owned school located in Carton City slums in Athi River. It runs classes from Kindergarten to Class 6 and has a running total of 280 students and 15 teachers.Those enrolled at the school mainly hail from Carton City slums or surrounding informal settlements. The school has been in operation for the last 9 years and is looking to grow even further.

Star Kids Initiative was in partnership with the school between 2014 and 2016, and was able to bridge financial and other gaps at the school through the following programmes:

Mentorship Program

Star Kids Initiative held monthly mentorship sessions for different class levels as a way of providing a platform through which the kids could learn and develop skills and capabilities beyond the classroom. Such sessions were value-adding, highly interactive and enlightening. At every close of the term, the session was held but with more of a fun-day personality to it, and the students got to interact with kids from the neighboring church, Mavuno, where the two groups got to learn much from each other, develop friendships and even gain first hand exposure that neither party was familiar with.

Food Program

Due to a number of reasons, the foremost being financial, not all students at Mother Teresa are able to carry lunch on a daily basis. Star Kids Initiative understood the challenge that this could pose to successful learning, therefore, in partnership with individual donors, the Initiative introduced a food program, which would see to the provision of porridge to the entire student population as well as school staff during the morning break time session. Not only did this greatly improve alertness in the remaining part of the day, it made the prospect of going to school one to look forward to.

Fee Scholarships

A good number of the students are unable to attend class regularly because of financial constraints. Star Kids, with the help of the head teacher, was able to identify a good number of well performing students who were facing this problem, and was able to act as an intermediary between such students and potential financial donors. For the time that this program was run, a number of students were able to get the necessary financial help and successfully finish a full school year.

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