Star Kids Initiative | Library Project at Mukuru Primary School
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19 Sep Library Project at Mukuru Primary School

Mukuru Primary is located within Mukuru Kayaba slums and happens to work closely with Songa Mbele (where we deliver mentorship sessions on a bi-weekly basis) by taking in its rehabilitated students and reinstating them into the formal education system. The school was started in the 80’s and has since been a beacon of light for Mukuru slum residents. It has a very capable administration that comprises both educators and social workers, who work diligently to ensure that most, if not all kids of school-going age within the slum actually¬†attend school. The school’s student population currently stands at about 1600.

In collaboration with the Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TIKA), Star Kids was able to pinpoint the need for a library at Mukuru Primary School¬†and responded to this need accordingly. The school had a library infrastructure, but that’s as far as the library idea went. It lacked books, furniture and all other paraphernalia that constitute a library. Through this project, the students of Mukuru Primary got a refurbished library with the requisite books to start off their third term.

Star Kids’ engagement in this particular project was driven by our strong conviction that our schools need to establish and encourage a good reading culture from the primary level so that the habit is nurtured through the years.





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