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It is truly a tragedy when lives are lost due to negligence and even more hurtful when it’s the lives of innocent kids. Earlier this week on 23rd September(Monday) a class wooden structure at Precious Talent Top School on Ngong road collapsed leaving 7 dead, 64 more injured and an entire community desolated.

Photo Courtesy of Nation Media

When asked about what caused the collapse, the school director blamed it on the construction of a nearby sewer which he says may have weakened the foundations of the building. On further inquisition on whether the school was meant to be there in the first place, Alfred Omenya, a Nairobi Based architect  said it was not and went further to describe it as a “disaster waiting to happen”-weak foundation,weaker walls and a concrete slab placed on top to add an extra storey. Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie blamed the disaster on county and national governments saying that they had left the people of Ng’ando to their own devices. Education Minister George Magoha said he was sorry for what happened and promised to take action after investigations were completed. Dr Kipsang refused to address the media saying that reports would be given after investigation.

Photo Courtesy of Nation Media

The parents, neighbors and the rest of concerned Kenyans do not simply want to see someone take responsibility, they want resignations, criminal charges and arrests. Some sort of assurance albeit incomparable to the loss, that this will not happen in future.

A week before this incident there was another incident of a class seven pupil using very unpalatable language on a video that went viral on social media. It send Twitter into a frenzy with parents demanding that the child be suspended from school as well as a lot of bashing and judgement towards the young boy disguised as concern. There was a lot of blame to go round with the biggest chunks falling on the internet/social media and a book(banned after the incident) that is said to have been part of the curriculum but had vulgar language. Parents and teachers were also blamed for the decaying morality of today’s kids. Millie Odhiambo however, in a very commendable Facebook post wrote:

 “There is a video of a young boy speaking very badly doing the rounds on social media. For the child’s sake, please do not share. Consolata School please do not suspend him despite pressure from parents. He is a child in need of care and protection under the child’s act. Get him and the alleged bullying kids into counselling. As for the parent/s or guardian, get your child off social need getting him to apologise to the public. You are making it worse. I wish him well. He is still evolving. With proper guidance, he will turn out alright. If you are a parent, be sensitive. Am sure if it was your child, you would wish the video is not shared. Let us not through eagerness to appear concerned harm that boy. What he did was wrong but he is a child. As an adult you are in effect turning to a cyber harasser of a kid.”

For how long will we remain quiet in times of adversity? for how long will we let our people perish due to negligence as we stand in the sidelines?, for how long will our children be victims of internet/social media obscenities?. As Kenyans let us not be so quick to dish out our share of blame! let us each take individual responsibility when we see cases that need a call for action! let us be the change! Let us set the example for the generation that looks up to us!

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Written by,
Vanessa Nzioka.

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