Star Kids Initiative | About Us
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About Us

The idea for Star Kids Initiative came about in December 2013, when a few individuals worked together with a Children’s Home in Kenya to organize a Christmas fun day for the children. The fun day was a great success, and it spurred continuous efforts towards similar endeavors in different locales, from schools to low-income neighbourhoods. Not only that, it gave us the impetus to extend beyond once-a-year fun days, to introducing school-based programs that would be useful for children’s empowerment and development. This idea was reinforced by the the glaring gap that exists in this area, more so for kids hailing from underprivileged backgrounds. Star Kids Initiative was thus founded with the aim of bridging this gap, and in effect reducing the chasm between the privileged and underprivileged. The chief inspiration for the Initiative was to be a child-focused change agent in society.

Since 2014, Star Kids has been able to engage in a myriad of wonderful projects. We are proud of the opportunities we have gotten to inspire, uplift and even change lives, both within Kenya and without, from our bimonthly mentorship programmes at Songa Mbele na Masomo Centre in Mukuru Kabaya slums in South B, to the missions we have attended in Cambodia and India. Our decision in targeting children is wholly intentional and driven by the belief that when children are given a good and strong foundation on which to build their principles and value systems, this will transcend their youth years and have a ripple effect on the communities they live in and later operate in.

And society will ultimately be the better for it!