Life Skills Development

What Do Children Really Need?

My experience at Star Kids was nothing short of eye opening. Being surrounded by children in my family (three nieces and 2 nephews) I thought I knew what there was about kids. My first day as a Star Kids volunteer proved all that wrong. The semester was just starting and you could not only tell but feel the excitement of the kids being back. To interact with each other, learn and sort of get out of one environment; home and into another. It opened me up into seeing that children truly just want and need the little things in life to get them by. After my experience, I believe in my core that with these few elements once instilled, a child will grow to become a great human.

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My Star Kids Experience

I didn’t know how to write this blog post . But, hey , we live and we learn , right ? So this is my story about my love for children , children’s ministry and everything about them .

I should probably introduce myself first . My name is Mwende Musau , I am a graduate Architect and I have a passion for children. But this wasn’t always the case . In fact , far from it . I thought kids were too much work. Too noisy , restless and the biggest one : kids will hurt your feelings. Big time ! Those little humans are so frank, they will end your career in minutes. This changed one day though…

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January! The memes below describe how we all feel! December had us making merry
(deservedly) but now reality checks in hard and we all have to buckle up.

10/10 when we get called by our friends to engage in activities that involve money this month
we are usually conveniently ‘mteja’.

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A December To Remember

Let us take a walk down memory lane, just for a minute …  

If you are like me who had an eventful childhood, then I am sure school holidays always make you nostalgic. For me they meant that I would sleep in late, wake up to Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones or Ed, Edd and Eddy… and then I would spend the better part of the day playing all sorts of crazy games with other kids in the estate. By crazy I mean literally crazy – in fact I remember this one time my cousin and I conducted a burial  ceremony for a housefly (we even put it in a match box first). When evening came, it was a never-ending battle because it was time to go home and shower, or eat … two things that don’t go well with children, especially those on holiday!

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