Star Kids Initiative | Kipepeo Clothing
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Kipepeo Clothing

Kipepeo-Clothing (“Butterfly” in Kiswahili) has been creating jobs and prospects in Tanzania through the production of clothing for adults, children and babies. The special feature of Kipepeo products are the motifs. All of them are created during regular school lessons at elementary schools in East Africa. The sale of these unique products supports the schools where the designs were created.


Star Kids Initiative partnered with Kipepeo to make t-shirts among other pieces of clothing for kids and adults whose sale and proceeds go a long way in supporting the kids of Songa Mbele na Masomo Centre. The prints on the shirts were drawings done by kids as a result of an excursion to the city and Nairobi National Park. Such trips have a great impact on the kids as they get to see the world outside the confines of their homes. This creates a new perspective in them in viewing life from a different view. The fact that the kids always talk about such trips months after is testament of how meaningful to them.

Support us through purchasing our products and help us create a life-long impact in the kids as they dream, far beyond their current situations.