Life Skills Development

This was the initiative’s flagship program. The initiative believes that life skills should be instilled in a person during their most formative years for them to be easily applicable in future.  The pillar therefore focuses on imparting fundamental 21st-century life skills to children aged 8 to 10 through its Nuru Club and 14- 17 years through its Angaza program. it has impacted 600 children to date.


About the Nuru Club

The ‘Nuru’ Club name is derived from the Swahili word ‘Nuru’, meaning light, and was chosen as a representation of what the kids become upon undergoing the club’s curriculum. They become enlightened and consequently, a light, paving the way for others to see, act and continue the cycle. 

The club falls under the initiative’s Life Skills Development Pillar and is an after-school club aimed at imparting and strengthening fundamental 21st century life skills through interactive sessions facilitated by volunteers and guided by an interactive member’s book. It takes place every school term with a cohort of 20 children, once a week, for 6 weeks a term at St. Catherine’s Primary School in South B. The program aims at molding children to become community conscious, change inciting and morally astute adults in society. 

The sessions entail reading of bible stories, relating them with real life scenarios and conducting projects and activities that build an array of life skills. The goal of the club is for the members to ideally acquire life skills such as self-awareness, conflict resolution, teamwork, responsibility, public speaking, and community service among others.

Our Partners

Since 2017, the initiative has partnered with 3 centers under the Mukuru Promotion Centers to impart life skills to children aged 8 years old all the way to 17 years old.

St. Catherine’s Primary School

St. Catherine’s Primary School is the initiative’s current life skills development program partner. Star Kids initiated a club called ‘Nuru’  which

Songa Mbele na Masomo Rehabilitation Center

The initiative partnered with Songa Mbele between 2017 and 2020 when the center dissolved its coaching class(which constituted the life skills program beneficiaries) to exclusively become a center for disabled children.

St. Michael’s Secondary School

Star Kids Initiative branched out the life skills program to high school where it is offered once a week in the form of a debate club for form one and two students.