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Mina Gems

One of the key aspects of our mentorship program is economic empowerment. Previously, we took the children that we mentor at Songa Mbele Na Masomo Centre through economic empowerment sessions. The sessions involved us guiding the children in making bead bracelets with the aim of selling them to raise money to finance the kid’s end of year trip to the Nairobi National Park.

Several session later,80 bracelets were made, sold and the kids had an amazing field trip!

These bracelet making sessions inspired us to venture into a partnership with Mina Gems & Jewelry – an exquisite jewelry enterprise – to make beautiful statement bracelets that promote values that Star Kids Initiative stands for and strives to impart on the lives of the children we interact with.
These statement bracelets are made by hand and with love in Kenya. They embody the fruits of the Holy Spirit that we hope you, our supporter and friend live out graciously in your lives.

100% of net profits made from the bracelets go directly to supporting the little ones going through the Star Kids Initiative mentorship program.

We encourage you to buy a bracelet for yourself, a family member or friend.

Thank you for your support!